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This game is super fun, but the scream was unexpected at first (I expected like, some sort of congratulatory noise) then got a annoying, then came full circle to sort of awesome...

Dizimz responds:

LOL, I like the scream too much I think heh :P AHHHHHHHHHH but i can see where it can be annoying haha

Good but:

The game was a good addition to the original, but new card art would have been greatly appreciated.

Plowking74 responds:

I have to agree with you - but the logistics behind getting new art for the cards was too high to deal with.


The animation is good, I especially liked the massive guns popping out of the medieval castle, and you are working on the sounds. So once you get the sounds in (might I suggest http://www. newgrounds.com/audio/ listen/182803 without the spaces for some good theme music?) it will be awesome.

n-created responds:

Thanks again for this idea. I've added this music, You were writting about.
It fits! ;)

For all those having trouble with the horse race

Okay, I have a fast computer, so like a lot of people complaining on here I had a hard time with the horse race. So what I did was load up Rome Total War (or any large size computer game) in the background, then had like three different online games loaded in different tabs on my browser, loaded an N64 ROM of Castlevania, and a few youtube videos. (obviously all these were muted or else the noise would make me go crazy) it slowed down my computer enough that I could beat the horse race easily, and then when I closed everything my computer was fast as anything again. AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EdibleCastle responds:

Haha! Good thinking! Thanks for the review!

Gun sounds?

Is there a reason that no madness interactive mods have gun sounds? This game would be the single most perfect mod ever, recoil is awesome, the new guns look amazing, et cetera, (Gave it a 4 out of 5) but without the satisfying blam-blam of a shotgun or the endless clattering of a submachine gun, it takes so much away from the game. So I REALLY hope KMOD III has gun sounds. I will definitely recommend it to the collection though. Just add sounds!

Krymtel responds:

Thanks for the reasonable review! Sound's really hard to add since the original creator won't give us the sound file.


I played with legos all the time (and actually still do when I get bored), I have to say the work and effort you put into this is incredible, especially for a first submission. I am REALLY looking forward to number 2. Sure, it isn't the best fps ever, but the use of lego people is so creative and well-done that that alone makes it one of the best games ever. Thanks for submissing this, I hope to see more from you in the future.

xLite responds:

Keep an eye on www.calumscott.com for more updates on Killego 2 ;)



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