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A delightful and fun little addition to the series

Simple but excellent fun, almost perfect length.

This game is super fun, but the scream was unexpected at first (I expected like, some sort of congratulatory noise) then got a annoying, then came full circle to sort of awesome...

Dizimz responds:

LOL, I like the scream too much I think heh :P AHHHHHHHHHH but i can see where it can be annoying haha

Not going to lie, this game is actually genuinely too hard to be fun. Like, I enjoy a challenge, I even enjoy screamingly frustrating challenges, but this just seems really, REALLY hard. BUT it is a great concept, really fun when you CAN get it right, and visually looks great.

This is a really awesome and frustrating (in a good way). Somehow it actually reminds me of trying to find that ONE DANG SONG on a mix tape and having to rewind then fast forward over and over again. The tediousness of trying to position Mr. Gimp adds to it's appeal as a sort of "screaming at the computer but you are still playing it" way. Also, great background track, really adds to the game. Great Ludum Dare job.

Normally these are awesome, and this looks awesome. In fact it looks too awesome, some sort of graphics option would be appreciated.


This really is one of the most innovative games to make the front page in a while, thank you so much! At first I thought it would be a bit short, but there were enough levels and challenges to keep it entertaining. However if you could somehow make a level builder or an expansion on this cool concept it would be awesome!!!

Good but:

The game was a good addition to the original, but new card art would have been greatly appreciated.

Plowking74 responds:

I have to agree with you - but the logistics behind getting new art for the cards was too high to deal with.

Brilliant! Except....

But I do agree, there is a point between the game just being TOO hard to the point where you cannot enjoy the visuals, voice acting, or anything else, because you are too focused on trying to actually see the obstacles. Perhaps if there was some kind of cue for the obstacles (Like have you ever seen Clone Run? things like that) or if it would just go slower, then I would be able to actually try and finish the game as apposed to just giving up after failing my 10th try.

Nice job!

The audio really makes this nice, turns it into an INTENSE journey of manliness. Could you please post it on the audio portal,or if it isn't original, tell us what it is? I like the simple yet really challenging style of this game, thanks a lot for making it!!!!



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