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very accurate

Very well thought out! I have worked with third world farmers in Latin America and you actually managed to mirror many of the challenges they face, particularly with having to choose between staying legal or having money and caving to local militant pressure and growing drug crops, as well. Very good, although some nice African drum beats in the background might have added a bit to it and some sound effects, other then that, flawless.


This game was inspiring and brilliant, I swear if you make a sequel perhaps with better art, I would play it all day, instead of the hours I currently spend zooming in and out. It is amazing, but I do feel it can be made even MORE amazing! Thank you so much for making this.


The animation is good, I especially liked the massive guns popping out of the medieval castle, and you are working on the sounds. So once you get the sounds in (might I suggest http://www. newgrounds.com/audio/ listen/182803 without the spaces for some good theme music?) it will be awesome.

n-created responds:

Thanks again for this idea. I've added this music, You were writting about.
It fits! ;)


This game is a total triumph of art, music, and concept. The controls are erratic, but you are playing as a little league obstacle courser, he is supposed to be an unreliable annoying thing, not a sleek warrior acrobat... The sound effects are entertaining, and though therfe are a few frustrating points, if you keep trying eventually you can finish the game. That's another thing I like, the timer is meant to increase your score, not "complete the level before time runs out or you die!" it means you have time to look around and occasionally get shot by a cannon just for fun or something. Overall, an excellent quality game, really takes platforming to a new and ridiculous level.

Great but....

This game is awesome, but why has it been on the frontpage for so ridiculously long? I mean, it deserves to be frontpaged, yes, but it's been up for a really, really long time...
Either way, awesome game, added a lot to the classic "Throw stuff" genre.


A nice classic reaction game, unique and good concept, nice difficulty curve. Music is a bit odd and sometimes irritating though.

Love it!

Such a simple and brilliant concept, and the piano music makes it even better. This game is such a great way to fill an extra few minutes.


Congratulations, you have satisfied the strange phenomenon of the internet that is the sheer delight brought by hurling an object hundreds of times. However, I do notice you hurl from right to left, a sharp break from those left to right games.
No seriously, this was a quality game, there is nothing wrong with throwing things. Well, unless you try to throw animals in real life, where it goes from entertaining to hilarious.
Good job!

Love it

I like the unique mix of a shooter with bomberman style play, and the interesting characters. Good job.


I loved it, I love the mouse based control system, makes things very easy to learn. Reminds me a lot of basically a more mature version of Cooties (anyone who liked this control scheme I highly recommend that game) The slower motion when you jump makes for some awesome looking scenes, you can just put your fist in front of you and be a human battering ram or spin around as a meat grinder. DO NOT INCLUDE GUNS!!! I think it is fine without them, and really, I always hated in zombie games when you magically found military grade hardware and massive amounts of ammo in a civilian office building, it made no sense and cheapened things. Maybe some environment based weapons once you beat the game once would make things fun, like beating zombies with a fake office plant, computer keyboard, things like that. But don't start throwing in katanas or things that would make no sense. Sure, zombies are fake, but it doesn't mean you have to ditch any possible realism. A brilliant game, a great stress reliever, I love it.



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