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I loved this game, was one of the first flash games I ever played, liked the smooth graphics and camera. People complain because it's hard since they are used to games you don't have to actually DO anything in but hit two buttons. Not that there is anything wrong with that, those are fun to, but people need to not critisize games because they just aren't their style and focus on the game itself.

Been so long...

This is one of the first flash games I played so long ago, loved it then, still LOVE it now. It's a GREAT game.


This game was perfect in so many ways, the animation style is incredibly unique. You win at life.


I thought it was innovative and excellent. And 1destroyer1x, lag isn't the author's fault, lag is YOUR computer's fault. I like things like this, it sort of makes you think. And the ridiculous description makes it pretty great.


I really like the unique idea, and the relaxed music going with the terrible violence makes it pretty entertaining, overall, a QUALITY flash.

I love it

But there is only one problem, I go to the audio portal and try and find my favourites but I cannot find the track IDs, so where do you find that?

For all those having trouble with the horse race

Okay, I have a fast computer, so like a lot of people complaining on here I had a hard time with the horse race. So what I did was load up Rome Total War (or any large size computer game) in the background, then had like three different online games loaded in different tabs on my browser, loaded an N64 ROM of Castlevania, and a few youtube videos. (obviously all these were muted or else the noise would make me go crazy) it slowed down my computer enough that I could beat the horse race easily, and then when I closed everything my computer was fast as anything again. AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EdibleCastle responds:

Haha! Good thinking! Thanks for the review!


I give this a ten out of ten and five out of five, not only because the gameplay, upgrade system, uniqueness (not just a total copy of Krinkle's work), enemy variety, and the game itself, but because unlike every other madness interactive mod, this one actually HAS GUN SOUNDS!!!! So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! And I hope you make more of this quality.
Although a continue button would be nice.

Gun sounds?

Is there a reason that no madness interactive mods have gun sounds? This game would be the single most perfect mod ever, recoil is awesome, the new guns look amazing, et cetera, (Gave it a 4 out of 5) but without the satisfying blam-blam of a shotgun or the endless clattering of a submachine gun, it takes so much away from the game. So I REALLY hope KMOD III has gun sounds. I will definitely recommend it to the collection though. Just add sounds!

Krymtel responds:

Thanks for the reasonable review! Sound's really hard to add since the original creator won't give us the sound file.

Great job!

The concept here is awesome, at first I thought it was my computer messing up but this game really was interesting to think about, particularly in the end when it gets so chaotic that it's hard to tell where you are going. And MactheSquirrel (they guy below me) you are just an emo that can't appreciate deeper meanings behind things.



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